Welcome to Disaster Readiness Consultants​

At Disaster Readiness Consultants (DRC) we connect with businesses to ensure their disaster readiness is up to standard.

Whether you are a new or an established business, our consultancy involves us visiting your premises to get an insight of your workplace environment, location and people, after which we produce a report on your disaster readiness and legal compliance status.

Our report findings help us to structure a plan that ensures your business achieves our 50 point disaster readiness certificate based on legislation and best practice, while ensuring the best possible value to your business.

DRC will work with the required governing bodies on your behalf to fulfil all the fire safety, evacuation, emergency response and the relevant health and safety obligations for your workplace. We focus on such things like your geographical risks, emergency plans, equipment and training.

To see a quick, fun snapshot of what we do, check out our short animation explainer video.

DRC will enhance your business by:

  • Increasing employee confidence and personal security, through the investment in the workplace readiness for disaster
  • Promoting morale and instilling team values, thus building business confidence and productivity
  • Helping mitigate financial loss to your business when operating outside normal conditions

We have extensive on-the-ground experience and demonstrated expertise in emergency response and disaster readiness, this ensures that we have the skills and knowledge to get your business disaster ready.

So what are you waiting for..? Make disaster readiness your priority!