Disaster Response Kit

At DRC we created our own simple Disaster Response kit using only essential emergency equipment to help secure premises, keep warm and listen to important radio messages after the event of a disaster. It is in line with Civil Defence recommendations, contains water and snacks and suitable for 1 – 10 people.


Thermal blankets10
N95 face masks 10
Hand sanitizer 1
Dynamo Torch/Radio 1
Leather gloves 2
Eye Protection 2
Collapsible bucket 1
Rubbish bags 10
Toilet paper 2
Poncho jackets 2
Disposable gloves 10
Duct tape 1
Cable ties 25
Plastic sheeting 4m² 1
Scissors 1
Water 20 L
Water treatment liquid 100ml 1
Muesli bars 25
Inventory 1

Price: $300 + GST