Evacuation Procedures and Fire Safety

Evacuation Procedures

DRC will ensure that your building complies with Fire and Emergency Regulations, 2018, by designing and implementing Evacuation Procedures and where necessary Evacuation Schemes.

Most commercial and public buildings need to have an evacuation procedure in addition to their evacuation scheme. Our goal is to provide you with products that meet legislative requirements and also are accessible and comprehensible to your people.

We can do the hard work, by filing your scheme with Fire and Emergency New Zealand and maintaining your administrative needs, year by year, including Trial Evacuations.

Fire Safety

It is a requirement that some form of fire detection and suppression system will be provided in commercial premises. This is critically important in Kitchens and Kitchenettes and where there is electrical equipment.

DRC will ensure the correct first aid fire fighting equipment is available and that the appropriate training on how to operate this equipment safely and effectively has been given.

This includes us facilitating any installation of any required new equipment and confirming that all existing equipment is well maintained and clearly identified as per Fire Safety regulations.

We have teamed up with Fire Extinguishers Online New Zealand to offer our clients the best possible value and range of handheld firefighting equipment.